miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010


Without any doubt, having good health is a blessing. It is the natural way of being.
The fact that we are “swarming” all over the planet means that we have a mission to accomplish. It is a lot easier trying to define a certain illness than it is to try and define what it means to be completely healthy.
In the article below we express both concepts the best way we can.

In the privileged conditions of Madre Selva, we support all those individuals who are suffering from a condition and want to rid themselves of it. A place which allows us to breathe real nature, where you can experience a state of complete silence backed by the gentle vibration of the Agni Hotra, the use of natural therapy, our experience in purification through food abstinence (fast), proper nutrition and even holistic techniques of Chiropractic, Espinologia (diversified full spine therapy), Electro Medicine, and psychotherapy, as well as our total commitment of service allows us to dedicate ourselves to the restoration of total harmony in individuals which in turn will lead to a true recovery based on the will of the affected individual.

“One’s health is too important to leave it to the goodwill of others”.

We treat :
* chronic and degenerative diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, back pains, chronic pain, etc.
* Psychological problems such as: anxiety, stress, depression, and addictions among others.


We cater to pre-arranged programs, whether they attend in groups or on individual basis.

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